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Hardened and Tempered Steel Strips
Anil Special Steel Industries Limited is a leader in Hardening and Tempering technology in India Since 1973. With such a long manufacturing experience and dedication towards High Quality the company offers to its Customers various products for various applications

Applications Industry

Wood Cutting
Band Saw, Hand Saw, Cross cut saw and Pit saw and all types of Wood Cutting Saws.

Automobile Industry
Flat spring for Clutch plates, Shims and Washers, Auto Electric Contact Springs and various types of components and springs.

Engineering Industry
Valve Plate and Flapper Valve for compressor, Forging Hammer Belt, Mould Liner, Knitting Machine Component, Textile Machine Component, Bearing Casing and various types of components and springs.

Stone Cutting
Gang Saw Blade for Marble/Stone cutting.

Leather / Foam Industry
Leather Band Knives and Foam Band Knives.

Miscellaneous Application
Circular Saw Blanks for Engineering Industry, Masonry Tools, Agricultural Tools, Industrial knives, various Industrial Springs, Rolling Shutter Springs, Measuring Tapes, Hydraulic Door Closure Springs, Pressure Cooker Springs and various types of Strip Springs.

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